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Budget Clear Retractable Sneeze Guard


Our Portable Pop Up Sneeze Guard is a lightweight safety screen which can go anywhere you need to protect your staff and customers - between work stations in hair salons, to separate desks in an office or between tables in pubs and restaurants.

Based on our best-selling Raptor mechanism, this robust unit will provide sneeze guard protection in any indoor environment. It has a 180mic transparent film which rolls up in the heavy-duty, sprung loaded base when it's not needed and extends to 2m high when in use.

The unit and screen can be cleaned with anti-bacterial products and can be stored, or transported in its smart nylon case when required.

Additionally, when things return to normal - sooner rather than later we hope - the unit can be repurposed with one of our fantastic printed, HD Colour replacement roller banner graphics to become a traditional display stand.

See MJL Displays' Budget Clear Retractable Sneez Guard video below