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Graphic Design


    If you don't know your pixels from your vectors or your CMYK from your RGB, relax, we've got you covered. MJL Displays offer a complete design service for all of your small, large and grand format printing needs.

    Our services start by giving all of our customers' artwork a FREE 'preflight' checkup before printing which covers things like colours, fonts, transparency and image resolution to ensure you are delighted with the results.

    We also work from a 'blank canvas' or with your existing files - logos, product photos etc. - to create artwork suitable for large and grand scale formats like Pop Up Displays, PVC Banners, Gazebos, Flags etc.

    Rather than spending precious time sorting through all the files they've got, some of our customers use our file upload section to send us everything they have so that we can weave our magic, like redrawing logos that have lost their sharpness after being converted to jpegs.

    You can do the same using the link below:

    safety notice PVC banners calculator

    However, if you want to prepare your own artwork we have an artwork section covering all of our requirements, as well as artwork templates and specifications for many of our products which are listed on their respective pages.

    For your peace of mind, all of our graphic design quotes are on a fixed price basis, so once we've seen the brief, we provide a quote and you can leave us to get on with it knowing that that is the price you will pay.