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Replacement Embrace SEG Fabric Pop Up Display (Double Sided)


Product Overview

MJL Displays' fabric replacement graphics are all you need to completely reskin your existing double-sided Embrace SEG Fabric Pop-Up Display System. This is a very cost-effective way of reusing your existing Embrace SEG Fabric Pop Up or having extra sets to use for different events.

The graphics are made from four pieces of Display Polyester fabric. Front face and rear graphics are finished with 9mm silicone edging all round, while end graphics have 9mm silicone edging left and right, with hems top and bottom.

See The Embrace SEG Fabric Pop Up Set Up Video Below


Please note, due to the nature of fabrics that are not completely opaque, when these graphics are subject to strong lighting (especially from above or behind), some visibility of the frame through the graphic is possible. To avoid this, we recommend limiting the amount of light above or behind the unit, as well as adjusting the positioning of the unit.

If back-lighting will be a concern for you, we recommend the black-black versions of our Pop-Ups, which will block any show-through.

While we make every effort to finish these graphics as accurately and consistently as possible, due to the nature of printing, cutting and finishing fabrics, some material movement and minor imperfections in alignment can be introduced. For this reason, we highly recommend not wrapping continuous or detailed shapes between sides.

Downloads and Files

File Size Download
Embrace SEG Fabric Pop Up 1x3 Double Sided Template 0.9mb
Embrace SEG Fabric Pop Up 2x3 Double Sided Template 0.8mb
Embrace SEG Fabric Pop Up 3x3 Double Sided Template 0.8mb
Embrace SEG Fabric Pop Up 4x3 Double Sided Template 0.8mb